Privacy Statement

New Forest Enterprise Centre Ltd takes privacy seriously and will not sell any personal information we hold. Nor will we share such data except where is it necessary for the safety and security of the Centre and/or a customer’s business. 

We will, for example, supply limited contact details to reputable companies who provide the Centre’s security services and who may need to contact a customer, or nominated individual, in the event of an emergency. 

We are sometimes approached by people or businesses seeking services our customers may provide. In those circumstances we would normally direct the enquiry to the customer’s website or inform them directly. If that is not practicable, rather than supply contact details, we will seek those details from the enquirer and pass them on. 

We will not otherwise disclose personal data, unless the law requires we do so, or to withhold the information would be detrimental to the individual concerned – for example if they are ill or involved in an accident. 

Personal data is securely held, and will be deleted once its retention is no longer appropriate.

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