Easy Terms

Our aim is to provide simple pay as you go terms for business units, meeting room hire, and business support services.

Occupy with no fees, no fuss, and few formalities

How soon can I move in?

Almost immediately: just sign our simple two-page Licence Agreement, and pay your first two week's Licence Fee. There are no legal costs. All we need otherwise is identification and proof of residence, along with a returnable deposit against dilapidations, equivalent to four week's Licence Fees.

Are there any restrictions? Our class of use is B1, so we we can accommodate most businesses bar retail - the provision of goods or services direct to the visiting public - but we are unable to take any additional motor repairers. Because we're a community, we naturally can't accept any hazardous business processes.

What does Licence Fee mean?

With a more formal lease, this would be the rent.

What do I have to pay, and when?

Licence Fees are payable strictly in advance, but to help your cash flow, we invoice every fortnight - no need to find a large sum to meet quarterly rent. Or if you prefer, we can invoice calendar monthly. Any services you use - power, gas, copying, use of meeting rooms, etc. - are billed each month.

What’s included in the Licence Fee?

Business Rates*, buildings insurance, water rates, parking, refuse disposal, and maintenance of all common facilities such as toilets, showers and the building itself. We take care of fire precautions, drills, and so on, leaving you to get on with your business.
*Subject to certain conditions, you may well be eligible for Small Business Rate Relief, which would reduce the overall cost.

What if I want to change units?

This happens quite regularly, especially as businesses expand. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What if I want to leave?

There is no long term commitment. If you choose to vacate your unit, just two weeks’ written notice is required to terminate your Licence to Occupy. Your deposit is returned, less any cost of dilapidations or outstanding invoices.